Friday, November 4, 2011

Oranges Kumquat Trees Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Facts About Oranges Kumquat Trees and Orange Juice Nutrition Facts

Kumquats or Cumquats is a group of small fruit-bearing trees that bear orange like fruits. Kumquat fruits resemble orange in appearance but they are much smaller and oval shaped, the size being approximately equal to olives. Kumquat is a slow growing ever green shrub that grows from 2 to 4.5 meters tall with dark glossy green colored leaves, pure yellow flowers, similar to citrus flowers. Kumquat tree produces around 50 fruits every year. It is native to South Asia and Asia Pacific and cultivated in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Kumquats fruits also come in round shape, which is a golden yellow fruit with sweet flavored peels and sour flesh. Round Kumquats are eaten raw and fresh but mainly used for making jelly and marmalade. Moreover, Round Kumquats are also grown as ornamental trees and used in bonsai. In countries like China and other Asian countries, Round Kumquats are considered as symbol of good luck and therefore given as gifts during the Lunar new Year. During the past couple of years, Kumquat has become popular for garnishing cocktail drinks. From these oranges you can prepare fantastic orange juice. Find latest Orange Juice Nutrition Facts on page who talk only about Orange Juice Nutrition Facts.

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